Scrambled egg with butter 9,00 zł
Scrambled eggs with bacon and onion  12,00 zł
Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, tomato and cheese  15,00 zł

Light breakfast:
Toast with butter, strawberry jam, fried egg

 7,00 zł

Małgosia’s breakfast:
spicy cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, butter

 11,00 zł
A home-made piece of sausage with mustard   15,00 zł
Board breakfast: rural pate, cheese, egg mayonnaise, butter 18,00 zł

Cold appetizers

Lord with bread and pickled cucumber  14,00 zł
Herring in oil  12,00 zł
Herring in cream  14,00 zł
Mini desk of snacks :
marinated fillet and squiggles with tortillas
 18,00 zł
Big desk of snacks:
marinated fillet and squiggles with tortillas, sausage, cheese, rural pate, eggs, pepper, mayonnaise sauce
 45,00 zł

Hot appetizers

Grilled sheep cheese 16,00 zł
Stewed mushrooms in cream and wine 21,00 zł
Fried camembert cheese with cranberries 17,00 zł


Broth with pasta 7,00 zł
Beetroot soup 8,00 zł
Beetroot soup with croquette 14,00 zł
Tomato soup with noodles 9,00 zł
Silesian sour soup with egg 10,00 zł
Silesian sour soup served in bread 13,00 zł
Cream of onion soup with cheese and toasts 8,00 zł
Silesian sour soup with fried potatoes served in bread 17,00 zł
Dual Colour tomato-onion cream 14,00 zł


Dumplings with meat 10 pieces 19,00 zł
Russian dumplings with cream and onion 10 pieces 21,00 zł
Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms 10 pieces 19,00 zł
Mix of Dumplings 12 pieces 24,00 zł


Sauteed sirloin steak 43,00 zł
Roast veal in garlic sauce with silesian noodles 38,00 zł
Beef roulade with silesian noodles and cabbage 38,00 zł

Sirloin steaks

Sirloin steak saute 43,00 zł
Sirloin steak served with green pepper sauce and chips 54,00 zł
Steak with baked garlic herb butter and baked potatoes 54,00 zł
„DRWAL” sirloin with mushrooms ( boletuses ) and onion 58,00 zł

Grilled pork

Pork with cabbage and bolete 24,00 zł
Roasted pork with bacon, onions and potatoes 34,00 zł
Pork sirloin with herb-garlic butter, hot sugar beets and potato puree 36,00 zł

Banquet for 3- 5 people


- Desk of grilled meat (sirloin, chuck steak, chicken roulades,)
- Baked noodles, baked potatoes, the small dumplings - Mushrooms ( Boletuses ) In cream - Vegetarian salad
96,00 zł


- Desk of meat: grilled pork, smoked Bacon, sausage, pork
- Dumplings with meat
- Baked potatoes, silesian noodles
- Fried cabbage
- Cucumber, onion, garlic sauce
111,00 zł


Grilled chicken 19,00 zł
Chicken brest stuffed with sheep and camembert cheese and grilled red pepper 28,00 zł
Chicken roulade, dried tomatoes, mushrooms, small dumplings with cheese and pesto sauce 34,00 zł
Poultry liver with onion apple and pickled cucumber 24,00 zł
Duck Brest In Old Polish style 38,00 zł

Fish dishes

All fried trout with parsley and lemon 10,00 zł
Fresh bream with tomatoes salsa and red pepper 100 g t 10,00 zł
Zander fillet, white wine, capers, dried tomatoes, garlic, onion and olives 100 g 15,00 zł
Roast salmon served with grilled vegetables and dumplings 46,00 zł


Vitamin salad
mix of lettuces : iceberg lettuce, cabbage lettuce, spinach, sprouts, fried sunflower seeds, tomatoes, olives, red onion, feta cheese
22,00 zł
Vegetarian salad
mix of lettuces : iceberg lettuce, cabbage lettuce, onion, tomatoes, red pepper, egg served with toast
19,00 zł
Czeladzka salad
mix of lettuces : iceberg lettuce, cabbage lettuce, smoked becon, baked potatoes, sheep cheese, tomatoes, red pepper, red onion, cucumber
22,00 zł
Oberża salad
mix of lettuces : iceberg lettuce, cabbage lettuce, grilled chicken, garlic, camembert cheese, corn, grilled red pepper
24,00 zł
Light salad
mix of lettuces : iceberg lettuce, cabbage lettuce, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese
12,00 zł

Vegetable dishes

Green lentils with tomatoes mousse served with toasts 14,00 zł
„Farmer’s lunch”: fried eggs, fried potatoes served with buttermilk 19,00 zł
Pancake with spinach and garlic 1 pieces 16,00 zł
Pancakes with spinach and garlic 2 pieces 23,00 zł
Potato pancakes with sheep cheese and dill 16,00 zł
Potato pancakes with sirloin goulash 32,00 zł

Children’s menu

Tomato soup with noodles 6,00 zł
Croquette with meat and pickled cucumber 10,00 zł
Special plate for kids chicken fillet, chips, ketchup 19,00 zl
Gluten-free noodles with meat and boiled carrot 14,00 zł
Pancakes with sweet cheese 14,00 zł
Cone of ice cream 1 piece 3,00 zł
Mix of ice cream: fruit, smurfs, vanilla in a cone 8,50 zł


Pie with fruit and cream 12,00 zł
Cheese cake 14,00 zł
Pancakes with cottage and forest mousse 14,00 zł
Chocolate muffin with ice cream 12,00 zł


Cassate with fruit 12,00 zł
Cassate with fruit and egg liqueur 16,00 zł
Refreshing lemon 10,00 zł
Italiano Cup ice cream 14,00 zł

Side dishes

Boiled potatoes 5,00 zł
Mashed potatoes 6,00 zł
Baked potatoes 7,00 zł
Chips 7,00 zł
Silesian noodles 7,00 zł
Baked noodles 7,00 zł
Gnocchi (gluten-free noodles) 7,00 zł
Grilled vegetables 8,00 zł
Steamed vegetables 9,00 zł
Fried cabbage 8,00 zł


Boiled red cabbage 6,00 zł
Cabbage 5,00 zł
Carrot 5,00 zł
Beetroot 6,00 zł
Sour cabbage salad 6,00 zł
Horseradish sauce 5,00 zł
Gnocchi (gluten-free noodles) 7,00 zł
Garlic sauce 5,00 zł
Tomato and red pepper salsa 5,00 zł